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Alain Rondelli, theory author and speaker, is the leading servant of RONDELLI, an organizational performance enabling firm, headquartered in Paris, FRANCE.

In an economic and social context subject to constant change and a world where our perception of work will continue to mutate in ways we can’t anticipate, Alain helps executives and managers gain solid soft skills, new insights and fresh discernment to drive organizational development and growth.

Bedrock to his practice, Alain’s theory enables executives and managers to break free from conventional restraints to reach high-velocity growth in any economic and social times. Based on the law of cause and effect and the five dimensions that make up the fabric of all organizations, Alain’s theory focuses on the intertwined human, social and economic fundamentals of human relationships and value creation.

At RONDELLI, we believe that, in today faster paced and more complex global environments, to master continuous change and drive growth, executives and managers have to rethink and reboot human relationship dynamics and realign their focus on value based economics. Genuinely interested in other people, we measure our success by the relationships we build and the lives we impact along the journey.

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