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First Step

First Step

All journeys begin with a single step. This is it for me. I’m officially taking my First Step into the blogosphere. Hello and welcome, my name is Alain Rondelli, and just like you, I’m a work in progress made of a broad set of potentialities that manifest based on context and circumstances.

Justifiably described as a loner, introverted workaholic with a rather inquisitive mind, I quite often go days without having any significant conversations. Somewhat of paradox knowing that what I’m most passionate about is the captivating and almighty power of human relationships.

In terms of work, I labelled myself as a theory author and a speaker (yeah… funny, right?). What do I do? In an economic and social context subject to constant change, I help executives and managers gain new insights and discernment to drive organizational growth. How? By helping them rethink and reboot their workforce human relationship dynamics and realign their focus on value based economics. To what end? To put back human relationship and value creation where they belong: Front and Center!

So, now let’s talk about blogging. Both liberating and unsettling, I always perceived blogging as a compelling introspective tool and a great platform to take stand on a leap of faith and laying it all out there. Truth be told, I’ve been interested in getting into blogging for years, however I was neither inspired, nor felt empowered to do so. Why? To me, the overall thing was “too much selling and not enough helping” as Zig Ziglar could have put it. Which is okay, however not the type of sandbox I enjoy playing in. Well… Today, I’m over my initially distorted perception. It is a whole other story and a bright new day. Today, I’m ready to take a stand. Today, I’m crystal clear with my intentions. Today, I know that I’m here to not only help, but also to be of service. To be of service to myself a little, to you much more, and to us together as a whole the most.

My goal is that the content you find here inspires you and empowers your life and the lives of those around you. My objectives are to deliver clear, concise and compelling posts and to publish once every other week (although, to be upfront, this might not always be feasible). Heads up… In my next post I will keep on opening up to you by tackling “Purpose” — to me, the tastiest part of life. That said, I’m just the wheel-man, helping guide us through the path that, together, we decide to take.  Of course, I have a few hidden gems, however I’m counting on you to provide lots of interesting topics for us to explore so you are invited to contribute from this very beginning. Getting started is easy. Simply register and join the conversation. I look forward to your comments.

As with most blogs, comments will be moderated. You can find our comment policies in our terms of use. At this point, I will be the blog moderator and will keep post on topics, friendly and free of inappropriate comments.

Thanks for checking us out. Hoping you’ll be back soon.

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