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At RONDELLI, we believe that in today faster paced and more complex global environments, to master continuous change and drive growth, organizations have to rethink and reboot their human relationship dynamics and realign their focus on value based economics. To contribute to this process, we know that our firm — enabling organizations to break free from conventional thinking and focusing on the intertwined fundamentals of human relations and value creation — can help organizations make a lasting impact and drive future growth. As we are genuinely interested in other people and care about what they learn as much as how they learn, our organizational performance enabling firm provide services in two distinct programs: training workshops and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. As we measure our success by the relationships we build and the lives we impact along the journey, both our programs are tailored to address clients’ contextual needs, the current challenges they face, and engineered to help them move forward in achieving their goals.

Icon - WorkshopTraining Workshops  
Alain orchestrate half-day training workshops to help executives and managers become more effective communicators, more efficient collaborators, and create workplace environment that empowers  workforce to bring their very best to work. In our training workshops, Alain provides actionable guidance and hands-on activities that will help participants gain solid soft skills, new insights and fresh discernment into how they can improve the way they lead and create a lasting impact. Our training workshops are conducted through a facilitation process where Alain works with participants to get past the inescapable setbacks organizations face in order to come up with a road-map that will lead to lasting change and will drive future development and growth.

Icon - One-on-OneOne-on-One Coaching and Mentoring
Alain offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help executives and or managers address the challenges they face and move forward in achieving their goals. Through his coaching and mentoring program, Alain work with clients to help them break free from their conditioned assumptions and perceived notions — which commonly lead to declining workforce spirit and diminishing value creation — and develop concrete action plans that are within their untapped potentials and resources to implement. As a coach to empower and or as a mentor to inspire, Alain works with clients to develop strategies that are driven and conform to the organization’s values and culture. This process allows clients to take full ownership of both the process and the results, ensuring that the value creation is inclusive and sustainable.

Working with us is as simple as apple pie

  1. We start with a discovery meeting to define the challenge you are facing
  2. Together we choose the program and skills that best revolve your challenge
  3. Finally, we choose the delivery method that best works with your contextual needs

To get started, please fill in our form with your request for a discovery meeting or call us at +33 (0)7 87 29 06 92, weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM (UTC+2)