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Purpose – a hand for you to thrive

Call me idealist, but I wholeheartedly believe that human beings, in their most natural state, are meant to thrive. And nope, I don’t believe that to thrive, you must have raw talent, burning passion or unrivaled skills. To thrive, you need purpose. Don’t get me wrong, top-notch abilities and aptitudes have tremendous value and will get you out of bed, in a heartbeat, eager to start your day. They will give you wings. However, to get you flying long-haul on your way to thriving, you must start with purpose. Why? Because purpose makes you whole and unstoppable!

In line with the post “First Step”, I like to invite you, a bit further, into my world and share a purpose viewpoint that speaks volume to me. Psychologist Ira Progoff once said that having a purpose is like having a well, and that we’re meant to dig our own, deeply enough, so that we eventually reach the stream that’s the source of all the wells. That, there and then, we hear the call that leads us back out to test what we’re made of – to save lives, to touch hearts, to open minds, to build bonds, to better our world… Inspirational and empowering stuff, don’t you think?

Setting the tone – You find purpose when you meet a need. Purpose emerges as you serve others, not before. That said, let’s move on to the what, how and why of purpose-led organization. No worries… What’s good to the goose is good for the gander! 😉

The What – A purposed-led organization has purpose at the very core of all its decision-making. Purpose has become the organization’s internal compass. It’s the organization’s operating system, not an app — a noble, yet beside the point, way to boost employees’ well-being… Just in case: operating system vs. app.

The How – To become a purpose-led organization you need to go through two main phases: development and implementation. Development is a two-step process: inner and outer development.

The inner-development requires a thorough look back. You need to make sense of your organization’s past. The internal discovery process calls for questions such as: Where have we come from? How did we get here? What did we overcome? What makes us unique? What do we deeply believe in? What defines us?

The outer-development is meant to adjust your organization’s reason for being. It requires a look forward into a broader ecosystem, assessing potentials for purpose-based impact. The external discovery process calls for questions such as: what will define our ecosystem? Which trends will affect us? What frustrations and new needs lie ahead? What positive role could we play for our stakeholders?

Implementation is about taking action. It’s about making things happen throughout your organization. Unlike personal purpose, that’s mainly pursued in isolation, an organization is a business, and business is a team sport. Getting everyone on board and helping your workforce see the bigger picture is not optional. Bear in mind, purpose is an almighty potion that needs proper dilution. Easier said than done… Not really. If you really dug down and climbed up the two-step development process, you should have all needed ingredients. Think hard, step back and formulate a purpose statement that’s unique. It needs to genuinely move hearts and souls. Once that’s done, go entrust your inspiring, empowering words, knowing that, more than ever before, as human beings, we want to contribute to a higher cause. After all, now that you have purpose, your duty is much more than inspiring your team members to do their best, it’s to connect what they do with what matters to them. Giving them the opportunity to make a difference and feel valued doing so.

The Why – Now that you have a purpose-led organization, you are no longer selling, you are now serving. And that, my dear Friend, is a whole new ballgame. A ballgame, where all the really good stuff keeps trickling down to all involved. To name a few: a broader and redefine ecosystem; a unified and spirited organization (here, we’re talking unified and spirited “HAKA All Blacks”); unshakable human bonds; boosted value creation; high-velocity-growth… As the Energizer Bunny, I could go on… The upsides are legion!

Conclusion – Purpose is about being human and being of value, initially a little nagging, in time as easy and as delightful as child’s play, finding purpose is the non-ending process of digging deeper and climbing higher while serving others with whatever you have, wherever you are.

If you were wondering – Yes, I do have a stated purpose. However, at this point, I will let my contribution do the talking.

Heads up… In my next post, I will tackle “Human Relationship”

Question: To you, purpose is selfless or self-centered? And, why?

Thanks for checking us out. Hoping you’ll be back soon.

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